Cables & Wire Harness

Component Design and Assembly at a Higher Level

State of the art manufacturing equipment and design expertise result in high quality wiring and cable harnesses at very competitive prices.  Design and materials assessment, Engineering innovation, specifications and costs are the first steps.  JRI dynamic testing of all components includes inspections for conforming products and counterfeit protection.  All manufacturing and First Article (AS9102 or PPAP process) inspection goes to raw lot data codes.  Customer bar-coded packaging is selected for future on-site storage in any environment.


satelliteNo Atmosphere. Extreme Temperature. Constant Vibration. No room for error.

Aerospace components must not only meet absolute quality standards, but also perform perfectly while exposed to unforgiving environments. Where compact design and weight conservation are priorities, the flawless quality of the smallest component can make a critical difference.


militaryMeeting the challenge of perfect reliability from 12,000 miles away

Today every weapons system depends on technology to deliver an advantage. Multi-leg connectors, micro-circuits and wiring harnesses must fit perfectly. At JRI we are guided by always remembering that everything we make protects the user.


commercialCommercial aircraft, industrial robotics, biomedical solutions and more.

Every sector of today’s production economy has one thing in common. Electronic hardware that must meet the rugged standards of constant use, and a replenishment system that minimizes down time should the unexpected occur. At JRI, our 40 years of experience has taught us how to deliver both. Quick response on prototyping and the ability to deliver improvements that keep pace with major upgrades of customer systems are critical design and production requirements.