Automatic Testing

JRI’s Quality Assurance department is meticulous in analyzing and evaluating each test set for specified tensions, size, capacity, and materials. The switching architecture delivers a powerful combination of high output current and measurement accuracy. A HiPOT algorithm with virtually unlimited expansion capability delivers extremely fast test-cycle time.

Single-scan bi-directional testing detects the location and cause of all low-voltage faults.

Functional testing flexibility enables JRI users to evaluate continuity, isolation and breakdowns in complex, multi-component wiring systems, including: black-boxes, capacitors, diodes, lamps, inductors, relays, resistors, shielded cable termination, solenoids, switches and transistors.

JRI’s Cirris low voltage and high voltage testers are designed for a full range of wire assemblies from simple cables to complex harnesses. High voltage benchtop testers are easily moved between test devices. Speed and accuracy are assured with touch-screen displays.